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Bioremediative Oil Dispersant
Oct 2014 - present
Wash Away
Mid 2015 - Present
Flock Away
Late 2014 - Mid 2015


Mr Christian Persad


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Name Acronym Organisation Organisation Head Job Title Research Fields Keywords
Mr Tobias Paul Schulze Frenking--Caribbean Fine Cocoa Forum--Strategic Alignment OfficerAgriculture ,Earth & Related Environmental Sciences Economic Diversification, Value-Add, Sustainability, Development, PPP, Proj...
Mrs Dolly Nicholas--DS Research Technologies Ltd--Technical directorAgriculture ,Basic Medicine ,Mathematics ,Nano-Technology...
Ms Albada Beekham--Ministry of Food Production--Ag. Deputy Director (Coconuts)Agriculture vegetable research, fruit crops, coconuts, pigeon pea, pumpkin, blackeye, l...
Dr Ulrike Krauss--Palm Integrated Services & Solutions (PISS) Ltd.--DirectorAgriculture ,Earth & Related Environmental Sciences Sustainable agriculture, biocontrol, integrated crop management, crop prote...
Dr Haydn I Furlonge--The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago Ltd./ UWI--Commercial Manager NGC ; Adjunct Lecturer UWIAgriculture ,Basic Medicine ,Chemical Engineering ,Earth ...energy systems modelling, simulation and optimisation; advanced decision a...
Dr Trevor A Jackson--The University of the West Indies--Emeritus Professor of Igneous PetrologyAgriculture ,Basic Medicine ,Earth & Related Environmental ...Caribbean, geologic hazards, plate tectonics,magmatic evolution, geochemist...
Mrs Frances L Bekele--University of the West Indies--Research FellowAgriculture cacao, characterisation, cocoa, numerical taxonomy, phenotypic diversity, m...
--ERICEnvironmental Research Institute CharlottevillAljoscha Wothke--Agriculture ,Basic Medicine ,Earth & Related Environmental ...Reef, river, tourism, organic agriculture, natural resources
--OPCOccupational Productivity ConsultantsHafeez Khan--Agriculture ,Earth & Related Environmental Sciences ,Enviro...energy, waste, recycling, materials, safety, health, innovation, grant fund...


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